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A trendsetting agricultural investment company.


Develop a long term sustainable investment portfolio in the following agriculture areas:

  • Dutoit Agri: Primary Agriculture with 100% control
  • Dutoit Invest: Secondary Agriculture and agri-processing
  • Dutoit International: International Agriculture
  • Libland: Black Economic Empowerment and land reform initiatives.
  • Newtrend Farms: Primary Agriculture in partnership with other farmers


A leading agricultural investment company.

Hennie du Toit
Chief Executive Officer
Gys du Toit
Executive Director
Gysbert du Toit
Executive Director
Pieter du Toit
Executive Director
Johannes Engelbrecht
Executive Director
Dr. Ernest Messina
Non-Executiveb Director
Claus Lippert
Non-Executive Director
Roubert Roux
Non-Executive Director